Mobile social apps are not, really, about free SMS. Mobile discovery and acquisition is a mess - it’s in a ‘pre-pagerank’ phase where we lack the right tools and paths to find and discover content and services efficiently. Social apps may well be a major part of this, as I discussed in detail here. These apps have the opportunity to be a third channel in parallel to Google and Facebook.

Whatsapp and $19bn — Benedict Evans

Read Benedict’s piece — it’s terrific.

(via lilly)

(via lilly)

We’re Hiring an Analyst – Interested?

Greylock is looking for an Analyst to support the Investing and Operations teams. This is a 2-3 year role, for someone early in his or her career. It will give you rare insight into great startups, as well as how venture capital works and where it is going.

How to Apply

Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to Optionally, you are welcome to include any projects/portfolios you think will be interesting or links to external profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribbble, blogs, etc). Please answer the following questions in your cover letter:

  1. What’s the most promising lesser-known product you’ve seen recently [not Facebook/Dropbox/Stripe/etc]? What makes it promising, and what are the risks?

  2. If you were to work with a small team to dramatically improve a venture firm from the inside, what is the first project you’d tackle? How? What steps would you take?

Please keep your cover letter to 1 page maximum. Be concise – the questions above are the most interesting to us. There’s no deadline – we’ll hire the right person when we find him or her, but all applications submitted by February 17th will be considered.


  • Supporting Investment Team with research and analysis on potential investments, sectors of interest, and industry economics.

  • Supporting the Operations team to build tools and create processes to share information from outside of and within the firm.

  • Supporting quarterly and annual reporting meetings in research and preparation.

  • Experimenting with ways to add insight, efficiency, and scale to different parts of our business.

  • Working with Greylock portfolio companies through research, analysis, and coordination around events, etc.

  • We encourage you to come up with your own projects that can add disproportionate impact to Greylock and our community of founders and friends, and make them happen.

Skills and Experience

This is a detail-oriented, data-intensive role, which requires strong critical thinking and communication skills. Ideal candidates will:

  • Have a curious, structured, data-driven approach to problem solving, with a bias towards building tools for scale over adding manpower. Be comfortable discovering, extracting, manipulating, and finding narratives in large sets of data.

  • Be able to think up from product, through company, and into industry/market dynamics. You should have perspectives on what makes a great company great, and what makes an interesting investment interesting.

  • Have strong written and communication skills, and be comfortable meeting directly with Greylock team members, portfolio founders and employees, LPs, and the broader community.

  • Be able to run with a project with minimal supervision, and show great judgment and ability to ship.

  • Be finishing, or have finished a degree in a top program. More technically-oriented majors such as CS, Engineering, Science, Math, or Economics are useful, but not required to apply.

The person we’re looking for is curious and analytical, with excellent communication skills, and an ability and desire to learn how venture and great companies work.


Welcome Ethan Beard!

I’m so thrilled to welcome Ethan Beard to the Greylock team as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence.
I’ve gotten to know Ethan closely over the past number of years through Greylock’s involvement with Facebook. Through his executive leadership as Director of the Facebook Developer Network, Ethan was instrumental to the the building and growth of the Facebook Platform. While at Facebook, Ethan straddled being evangelist for Facebook’s platform and an advocate for it’s developers.  The growth of the platform was charged through the interaction that Ethan had with the start up and venture communities; he was one of the primary touch points for any company that was building on Facebook’s technology.  Greylock’s partners and portfolio companies have certainly benefited from the role he played and ecosystem he helped build. Ethan is also a familiar face to many in the industry from his many years at Google.
Ethan will be working on new ideas and products. While social and platforms are obvious areas for Ethan to explore, he will be diving into the consumer space more broadly. We think that the experience he has innovating, building teams and managing growth is a great foundation to build something new.
We’re excited to have Ethan at Greylock and look forward to exploring the future with him.
— David Sze

Welcome Kristin Richards and Elisa Schreiber to Greylock Partners

I’m very happy to welcome Kristin Richards and Elisa Schreiber to Greylock. Kristin is joining us as VP of Talent, working with Jeff Markowitz on our executive talent team. Elisa is joining us as VP of Marketing, working to support our portfolio companies and oversee all marketing for Greylock.

We constantly push ourselves to create value for our portfolio companies above and beyond our financial commitment. We strive to leave every entrepreneur more armed for success after an interaction with us – whether officially in the Greylock family or not.  It’s an important part of who we are, and Kristin and Elisa embody this ethos.

As VP of Talent, Kristin has already started to work closely with executive search firms and our portfolio companies to place executive talent. Our executive and core talent teams have set the bar very high for all team members. Jeff and his team have been hard at work populating the boards of our portfolio companies with impressive talent. They have also facilitated the hiring of about 90 executives at our portfolio over the last couple years. Maybe more importantly, they have become trusted advisors to many of our CEOs. The core talent team averages an offer every other day from one of our portfolio companies. As you get to know Kristin, you’ll be convinced, like we are, that she’ll continue to raise the bar.

Most recently, Kristin was at Spencer Stuart working in the Technology, Communications & Media and Board Services practices.  Prior to Spencer Stuart, Kristin spent four years as director of executive recruiting at Accel-KKR where she focused on building the senior management teams of the firm’s portfolio companies, designed executive compensation and equity structures, and recruited portfolio company board members.

In the newly created VP of Marketing role at Greylock, Elisa will build capabilities and programs to support Greylock entrepreneurs on their marketing efforts, as well as manage all marketing activities for the firm. She brings with her a long operating history of brand building, marketing, communications for innovative entrepreneurs and companies. We are excited for Elisa to continue to innovate for Greylock and our portfolio.

Elisa has spent the last three plus years as the head of communications for Hulu where she served on the executive team. While there, Elisa launched Hulu Plus, the fastest growing online video subscription service in US history, which grew to more than 5 million paid subscribers in the time she was there. She was also on the founding team for the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation at the University of Southern California, where she was an advisor to early-stage USC start-ups. While at USC, Elisa partnered with the TED Conferences to create and launch the global TEDx program. And her Trojan roots run deep - Elisa also earned her MBA from USC.

You can reach Kristin through LinkedIn. You can reach Elisa on LinkedIn, via email at Elisa [at] Greylock [dot] com, and follow her on Twitter (@ElisaSchreiber).

Welcome Kristin and Elisa. We are excited to build great things with you!

-David Sze

Our Investment in Jelly

The world is more connected then it ever has been. Hundreds of millions of people carry computers in their pockets and can access the world’s information at the tap of a screen. It feels like we are still in the early days of tapping into the true potential of a connected world. 

When I used to work with Biz Stone at Twitter, he always talked about how Twitter was “not just a triumph of technology, but a triumph of humanity”.  Twitter connected people together and gave everyone a new way to communicate, creating a powerful flow of open information.  

When Biz first shared his ideas with me about Jelly, I was immediately captivated. The idea of creating a new “search engine” that allows people to help each other seemed both brand new, and yet based on many of the concepts we had discussed at Twitter. It feels powerful and possible now to connect people who want to know something (or are stuck and need help) with those who do know and can help.  And when I heard that he was working with Kevin and Ben whom I knew well from Twitter, I got even more excited. 

As I played with the product during the early days, I had a few experiences that had me thankful I had Jelly. Someone on Jelly helped me realize I had a leak in my shower based on a spot on my siding 20 feet below. I was able to help others with planning trips and shopping for the perfect new monitor. My favorite was when my daughter asked me repeatedly to find an Angry Birds level with “a ding dong and a box”.  Several hours later, after much searching and whining, the perfect answer came in on Jelly that helped me be her hero:  

I asked Biz if there would be an opportunity for me and Greylock to help Jelly grow into a company that will be around for a long, long time. I felt very lucky when he said yes. I couldn’t be more excited to lead their Series B investment and join the board of directors. I hope Jelly will be a great way for everyone to search, and to help each other.

Our Investment in Docker

In 2003, I was an intern for a software company called VMware that was beginning to popularize the use of virtual machines to consolidate enterprise servers. As part of my project, I interviewed several customers to understand how they were using a VMware product called ESX Server that seemingly did the impossible: it turned a single X86 computer into several virtual servers. Every system administrator I spoke with was ecstatic as they described the magic like experience they had with VMware. A few years later in 2007, I noticed that several of my developer friends were using a new service from an on-line book store called EC2. They were just as enthusiastic about about Amazon’s new cloud business as they described the magic like ability to spin up servers on demand in seconds.

As an open source project, Docker has today captured the same kind of excitement and imagination from developers and system administrators that VMware and EC2 did. In fact, every conversation I have had with Docker users reminds me of those early VMware and AWS conversations. So much so, I believe they are poised to become one of the most valuable technologies across clouds, private and public.

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7 Cloud Trends for 2014

A few of the enterprise companies in our portfolio pulled together what they believe will be the biggest cloud trends in 2014. Check out the link below for predictions from SkyHigh Networks, Cloudera, Okta & our own Enterprise Partner, Asheem Chandna as they envision the cloud in 2014.

As Marketplaces Evolve, Greylock Places Its Bets | TechCrunch

A round-up of some of the advice & anecdotes shared from Greylock’s first annual marketplace conference, greymarket, with speakers including Reid Hoffman, Airbnb’s Brian Chesky, eBay’s John Donohoe & many others.